LSI MegaRaid Storage Manager on Ubuntu Linux Desktop (with GUI)

I needed to run LSI MegaRaid Storage Manager (vivaldiframework) for my LSI 9260-8i SAS card in my Ubuntu Desktop. Ubuntu is based on Debian so this may also work to get LSI MegaRaid Storage Manager on Debian as well, but I have not yet tried it yet. It took some work but I go it to install so I thought I would tell you how I did it. It is assumed that in the following, when editing a file you are doing it with superuser rights such as opening the files from the comand prompt with "sudo nano /path/to/file/file" or "sudo vi /path/to/file/file"

I found that you need to have a GUI installed (though the install can be done completely by ssh.

root account:

If the root account has not been enabled, it will need to be enabled and have a pasword set

sudo passwd root

sudo passwd -u root

Install prerequisites:

sudo apt-get install alien libstdc++5  rcconf

You also need to install at least Java 7, I am using Java8. I followed the procedure found at: and just changed java7 in the command line to java8


You need to download the Linux  build from LSI ( I initially tried the latest but had some problems with it. It could very well have been a fluk but I just went back to the version that worked just fine.

mkdir ~/LSI

cp ~/LSI/

cd ~/LSI/

tar xzvf

cd disk

sudo alien --scripts *.rpm

install deb packages

sudo dpkg --install lib-utils2_1.00-6_all.deb

sudo dpkg --install megaraid-storage-manager_13.11.01-1_all.deb

edit /etc/init.d/vivaldiframeworkd and replace the line

for ((i=0, i < 20, i++))


for i in `seq 0 19`

edit "/usr/local/MegaRAID Storage Manager/Framework/" and replace

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`:/opt/lsi/Apache:/opt/lsi/Pegasus:/opt/lsi/openssl;export LD_LIBRARY_PATH


LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`:/opt/lsi/Pegasus:/usr/sbin/openssl;export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

configure the service to start automatically:

sudo rcconf

arrow down to the vivaldiframeworkd, if it does not have an "*" in it , hit the space bar to select it, then hit enter or tab to OK


Restart the vivaldiframeworkd service:

sudo /etc/init.d/vivaldiframeworkd restart

if you want to use the Graphical desktop installed on you box you can access the GUI with

cd "/usr/local/MegaRAID Storage Manager"